The rooms, both sophisticated and designed to give you the greatest comfort, come to life through the attention to details and selection of detailed furnishings which will give you an experience of total relax.

The Deluxe rooms, the Junior Suites and the Buteo Suite are located within the main/manor house, where you can also find the reception, bar, restaurant, cellar, spa and pool.

The Villa, located 500m from the main building, is plunged into the calmness of the vineyards and to the edge of the woods. Here we have 3 of our beautiful Suites, equipped with elegant sitting rooms with fireplace, a garden surrounded by trees and a bio-sauna. Nature and eco-sustainability are at the core of our architectural plan, with multiple energy saving solutions such as geothermal and solar panel systems.

Tenuta Le Cave / Via Pagnaghe 5 Tregnago, Verona, Italy / Tel. +39 045 48 54 559 /