Land of great wines

The Valpolicella DOC region has become famous all over the world thanks to the success of the Amarone wine and of some of its greatest interpreters, such as Romano Dal Forno, whose canteen is part of the landscape you can admire from Tenuta Le Cave.

This is indeed a land rich in wineries to discover with vineyards, cellars and drying rooms to explore. Talented winemakers, generations that follow one another in the continuous research of elegance, freshness and longevity, a combination which has made their wines travel the world.

Lessinia Natural Park

The lush valleys, in which the rural landscape, rich in rows of vineyards and olive trees alternates to small wooded areas and limestone, represent a privileged access to the Lessini Mountains plateau.

The Park, established over twenty years ago to protect not only the rich naturalistic and environmental heritage but also the historic and ethnic one is nowadays a timeless setting for great outdoor adventures, with marked trails for gorgeous excursion by foot, bike or horse.

Verona, a city of art, love and opera

Two thousand years of history mingle in the streets, alleys and squares which to these days tell the story of the Roman Empire, the power and authority of the Scaliger family in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance splendours of the Republic of Venice.

City of art and culture, famous all over the world for the settings of some of the most prominent of Shakespeare’s plays which nowadays can be lived through its monuments, theatres and in the charm and elegance of its public squares.

Verona is also host to international shows and events such as Marmomacc, the Horse Fair and Vinitaly, as well as the setting, in the wonderful roman amphitheatre of the Arena, of a unique opera festival that in 2013 celebrated its 100th anniversary.

From Milan to Venice

From the capital of fashion, design and shopping to the most charming city in the world. These are only some of the destinations that it’s possible to visit on a day trip from Tenuta Le Cave. We can organize with and for you tailored itineraries to truly allow the discovery of the beauties of Italy, in a unique, stylish, charming and elegant experience.

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