"Always a good suggestion"

Our wine introduces itself without speaking, not because it is shy, but because once it reaches the palate, it has already revealed much. It opens up with spontaneity and transparency, in order to not disturb its guests from the pleasure of conviviality and it becomes a silent but lasting, lingering companion to the most special moments.

You can recognize it in the euphoric chatter of a Friday night, in the smiles of a Tuesday during an improvised dinner, in the post party ambiance at the onset of dawn, in the glass of those you love as it knowingly smiles back at you.

TASI is nowadays a healthy, organic and certified Prosecco to be enjoyed preferably in good company.
It is deeply rooted in almost a century old history but nourishes itself of the young and optimism of one who likes to speak a language accessible to all. Original, sincere and innovative, it is freed from the classical dogma of the wine culture without disregarding the quality of those that for more than twenty years have made organic agriculture their own philosophy.

The rest is taste pleasure.

Tasi, a vernacular expression of Venetian origins from the Italian ‘taci’ (from the verb ‘tacere’ [ta'ʧere] – be silent.

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