Land of great wines
Valpolicella DOC has become famous throughout the world, thanks to the success of Amarone, valued and exported all over the world. In this land full of wine cellars and vineyards, generations of producers follow on in a continuous search for elegance, freshness and longevity, a combination that has allowed their wines to travel around the world. Moreover, on the border of the Valpolicella DOC area, the territory of Soave begins and is one of largest and most productive in Italy. A land of great white wines that, along with Verona's classic red wines, make our valley a land of taste and great charm.

Lessinia Nature Park
The green valleys, where the rural landscape, rich in rows of vines and olive groves, small woodland spots and limestone rocks, represent a privileged area of access to the Monti Lessini mountain plateau. The Park was created more than twenty years ago to protect the rich natural, environmental, historical and ethnic heritage of these territories. Today, it is a timeless setting for marvellous outdoor adventures, with marked trails for splendid excursions on feet, by bike or on horseback.

Soave, its history and culture
From our terrace, overlooking the vineyards, we can see an ancient castle in the distance: beautiful and sumptuous, gently resting on the hills and watching over the medieval village from above. Soave is embraced by the walls descending from the castle, surrounded by hills of vineyards, which is where the famous wine gets its name. And it is precisely here that the story of one of the most famous Italian wines emerged, bringing a series of wine bars and wine cellars to life along the streets of the old town centre.

Verona, city of art, love and opera
Two thousand years of history intertwine with each other in the streets, alleys and squares that, still today, tell the story of the Roman Empire, of the powerful Scaligeri family in the Middle Ages and the splendours of the Renaissance in the Venetian Republic. City of art and culture, famous all over the world for the settings in Shakespeare's works, are still found today in its monuments, theatres and in the charm and elegance of its elegant "lounge" squares. Verona is also the home of international events such as Marmomacc, Fiera Cavalli and Vinitaly, as well as the setting, in the splendid Roman amphitheatre of the Verona Arena, of a unique opera festival that celebrated its one hundredth anniversary in 2013.

Villa Canestrari Wine Museum
To pay tribute to the work carried out over the years by past generations, a WINE MUSEUM was created in nearby Illasi, where, by taking a guided tour, you can discover the ancient and fascinating world of wine-making, thanks to the precious collection of period machinery dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

From Milan to Venice
From the Italian capital of fashion, design and shopping to the most beautiful city in the world. These are just a few of the destinations that you can visit even in a day, setting off from our Estate. We can organize ad hoc itineraries with you and for you, allowing you to enjoy a journey of discovery of Italian beauty, in a unique experience, full of style, charm and elegance.

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