Our Estate is dedicated to the production of high-quality organic and biodynamic wines. This choice comes from the head and also from the heart, because we live each day in our land with passion. Healthy and sustainable viticulture, better for the environment in which we live and also for ourselves and for those who, like us, enjoy drinking our wines.

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We are located in a marl quarry that dates back to the end of the 19th century, the walls of which still frame the Estate today, after its conversion more than ten years ago into an amazing vineyard. The land is hard and rich with minerals, giving rise to tough and flourishing grapevines. The woods that surround the vineyard and provide the ideal natural insulation, make this cru even more perfect for the development of excellent organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Working seriously on biodynamic agriculture means above all not wanting to use pesticide or chemical fertilizers and working every day to restore the natural fertility and vitality of the land. As well as producing excellent wines, the use of strictly organic and natural products and biodynamic methods allows perfect integration between the vineyard and the nature that surrounds it.