Born from stone, devoted to wine

Situated in the land of Amarone, Tenuta Le Cave is an evocative natural terrace overlooking the easternmost part of the Valpolicella DOC valley and the first peaks of the Lessinia Nature Park. The white rock setting around it is a reminder of the quarry that has now been turned into an evocative vineyard that stretches along the side of the hill, alternating with woods and olive trees.

Our wines are organic and biodynamic by choice and passion, because we live on our land every day. Here, the tradition of the terroir, dedicated to Valpolicella and Amarone, blends with the experience and a taste for challenge: because, for a vineyard that emerges from the rock, making a good wine is not enough.

Hospitality in this small, scattered village, is based on relaxation, elegance and sustainability, in order to guide our guests through a journey of discovery of this beautiful land. The luxurious and very comfortable rooms come to life with an eco-friendly architecture that is deeply inspired by the territory, skilfully blending wood, iron and the ancient Lessinia stones with Italian art and culture.

The little contrada, where life revolved around the marl quarry, is now an organic and biodynamic vinicultural holding that produces Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone and that's not all. A work of passion, devoted to quality, respect for nature and tradition.
Old arts and experiences join together here, with energy and the desire to innovate and amaze. Here, the doors are always open and the paths leading to work in the fields are also wonderful walks allowing you to discover a special place in a beautiful land.

This is because the fruits of the work, the pleasures and the beautiful things in life, have a better taste when shared, like a glass of good wine.