It introduces itself without speaking. This isn't because it is shy, but because once it touches your palate, it has already said a great deal about itself. It talks about itself with simplicity and transparency, to avoid distracting its guests from the pleasure of conviviality, becoming a silent but constant companion, in the most special moments.

You will recognise it in the euphoric words on a Friday night, in smiles during an impromptu dinner on a Tuesday, in the empty glasses on a party table in the early light of dawn and in the glass of those who you love and those who smile at you.

Today, TASI is a healthy, organic and certified Prosecco, to be consumed preferably in good company.
It is deeply-rooted in almost a century of history, but it feeds on youthful and sincere optimism of those who wish to speak a language that is accessible to all. Original, tasty and innovative, it is detached from the classic dogmas of wine culture without ever neglecting the quality of those whose philosophy has been based on organic farming for over twenty years.

The rest is taste.
Tasi | expression in Veneto dialect. From the Italian "taci" - part of the verb "tacére" [ta·cé·re], meaning be quiet.

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